Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

On this Fourth of July, the anniversary of our great nation, let us remember the brave men and women that have made selfless sacrifices in defense of liberty and freedom. Our fathers and theirs have toiled at the crucible, dreaming of a better life for their families paid for through sweat and blood. They left this earth a better place for their children and the generations to come. As we celebrate our independence and liberty, let us not forget the challenges that face us today and strive to conquer these obstacles for the betterment of mankind. Global energy shortages, a housing crisis, rising inflation, excessive consumer spending and debt, terrorism, and an anemic economy threaten the viability of our way of life. Celebrate this memorial of our independence by approaching these threats with steadfast resolve and innovative solutions as collectively we will persevere.

Happy 4th of July. Be safe and dream big.