Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Chicago Tea Party

With frustration building among the majority that has prudently managed their finances, a respected voice of reason emerges from the trading pits of Chicago. We are sick of socialism, special interest handouts, and bailouts of the weak and irresponsible (corporations and individuals). President Obama, take note. The backbone of stability and growth in America is growing restless.

Rick Santelli of CNBC speaks of change that I believe in!

In case you fail to comprehend the logic emanating from Chicago, let me recommend some reading for you: Atlas Shrugged!


Christopher said...

That is a great clip! What really gets me jacked-up with the the previous government and current government is that they are not even addressing the problem which is people are losing their jobs. Instead they decide they are going to bail out people that are "underwater or close to it" on their mortgages. Just because your home value is less than your mortgage doesn't mean you should be bailed out, in my opinion. So the people don't have any equity in their home due to the decrease in real estate prices. How is that any different than renting? And just because you mortage is worth more than your home doesn't mean you need to be bailed out. They still have jobs and are paying their mortgage. The government should have focused on infrastructure, eduction and support for the unemployed so that we are ready to hit the ground running when this recession ends.

And why is Obama still campaigning? Why did he have to go to Denver to sign that outrageous bill? Why did he have to go to Arizona to talk about the "mortgage crisis"? That's just a waste of our tax money and we don't have money to waste these days.

doug said...

Just another CNBC talking head idiot where were his rants when Bush was bailing out banks. Either be for the free market and letting banks collapse or shut the hell up !!!!