Sunday, July 19, 2009

Getting America to Work

Bob Herbet’s editorial in the New York Times speaks of the true issue of the recession - unemployment. President Obama’s focus on tax breaks for “clean energy” and other senseless handouts in the stimulus plan will just burden our nation with greater debt and the corresponding $100 million per day in interest costs with no meaningful employment gains. The stimulus plan, as I could have predicted from its lack of focus on jobs and infrastructure investment, has been a complete disaster while China’s infrastructure related plan has been a complete success. Rather than redirecting our attention to the nationalization of healthcare, maybe President Obama should listen to Bob Herbert and focus on jobs rather than new entitlement programs and the corresponding economic drag that will ensue. Lets focus on getting people to work rather than increasing welfare benefits and social services for those without a job.

“Anyone who believes that the Obama stimulus package will turn this jobs crisis around is deluded. It was too small, too weakened by tax cuts and not nearly focused enough on creating jobs. It’s like trying to turn a battleship around with a canoe. Even if it were working perfectly, the stimulus would not come close to stemming the cascade of joblessness unleashed by this megarecession.

I’d like to see the president go on television and, in a dramatic demonstration of real leadership, announce a plan geared toward increasing employment that is both big and visionary — something on the scale of the Manhattan Project, or the interstate highway program or the Apollo spaceflight initiative.

My choice would be a “Rebuild America” campaign that would put men and women to work repairing, maintaining, designing and rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure in the broadest sense — everything from roads and schools and the electrical power grid to innovative environmental initiatives and a sparkling new mass transportation network, including high-speed rail systems."

- Excerpt from Bob Herbert's NYT article