Thursday, May 20, 2010

Complete the Danged Fence!

Alabama Ag Commissioner? Why stop there. We should send this guy to Washington to flush out all the real thugs and criminals that sell us lies and waste our hard earned money on bailouts of the rich and connected…

Enjoy :)

Or perhaps we should consult the immigration reform experts from Arizona? John McCain, what do you think about thugs and criminals? BRING IN THE NATIONAL GUARD! :)

Just think... If we weren't guided by the wisdom of the omnipotent President Barack Obama, then we would have this guy making decisions that impact the future of the free world. The future is bright, my fellow Americans. Fear not the European sovereign debt crisis, plunging global equity markets, insurrection in Thailand, or return of risk aversion because our leaders will deftly lead us to the promised land. There will be big screen TVs, fancy new cars, and McMansions for all! Trust in Government!